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Precision Protection.
Powerful Promotion.

Ross Wraps is an expert wrap shop, specializing in vehicle vinyl wraps and graphics installation.

Our wraps are custom tailored to your vehicle and your business impact goals. Vinyl wraps have the ability to elevate your business’ branding and advertising, while also providing a layer of protection to your vehicle’s paint.

Ross Wraps additionally offers Paint Protection Film, also known as a “clear bra,” which is a virtually invisible film applied over your vehicle’s painted surfaces to protect against rocks, chips, and other road debris.

Our capabilities are not limited to vehicles, we also install on walls, floors, windows, and other various substrates.

Ross Wraps is passionate about providing the highest quality design, products and installation. We strive to remain the best company in providing custom protection, design and promotion for your company while maintaining the highest industry standards.

Who We Serve

Ross Wraps has successfully helped hundreds of businesses protect their vehicles and promote their businesses with moving, vehicular “billboards.” We serve everyone from small, local contractors to Large corporations like Pepsi and the United States armed services, including:

James owned a successful trucking company, but wanted to spend more time with his family. He also realized he needed a hobby. A friend of his encouraged James to attend training for vinyl wrapping. After he began practicing on family and friends cars, he started to do contract installations for local restyling shops between trips in his tractor trailer.

In the beginning, most of the jobs were color change wraps for car owners; rather than commercial vehicles. After a year he attended his second installation training and became a 3m preferred and Lowen Certified Installer. 

With his new certifications James started promoting himself door to door with local businesses. Hoping to find some installation work he walked into a sign shop whose installer had just quit! With this new connection he immediately started contract installs beginning with four large commercial vehicles, from there Ross Wraps took off!  

As his business continued to grow, he had difficulty keeping up with demand. The printers he worked with couldn’t meet the timeframes for his clients’ needs. So, James bought his own printer to have more control over his work and to meet the growing demand for his installations.

Realizing his passion and success as a wrap shop, James closed his trucking company in 2022 to focus exclusively on Ross Wraps. The business continues to grow, and now has four additional full-time employees who have since been brought on board.